Metal Primer

  • Viscosity of supply:60 to 70sec by Ford cup No.B4
  • Packs available : 20 lit, 4 lit, 1 lit and 500 ml
  • Drying time :Surface drying within 30-45 mins.
  • Finish :Matt
  • Agsar Zinc Chrome Yellow Metal Primer
Product description

Agsar Red Oxide Metal Primer is an ideal rust inhibiting primer for ferrous surfaces. It is specially formulated as a quick drying primer for use. When a fast drying primer is required, Agsar red oxide metal primer may be thinned with nitrocellulose thinner for quick air-drying purpose. Agsar red oxide metal primer is ideal for use on iron structural in buildings such as beams, girders, grills, iron doors, windows, motor cars, truck bodies etc.