Don Premium

  • Viscosity of supply:125 to 140 krebs unit
  • Packs available : 20 lit, 10 lit, 4 lit and 1 lit
  • Drying time :Surface drying within 30 minutes.
  • Finish :Perfect smooth finish
  • Agsar
    Don Premium Exterior Emulsion
Product description

The surface to be painted should be dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and loose matter. Surface Imperfections such as holes, dents and fine cracks are to be filled with Agsar Number 1 Wall Putty or a mixture of while cement and fine sand in the ratio of 1:3. Apply Agsar Exterior wall primer as primer coat. Add 400 ml of maximum water to 1 litre of Don Emulsion for painting by brush/spray / roller. Second coat can be given after 4-6 hours of painting first coat. Two to three coats are recommended for better and brighter finish. For deep shades, apply an additional coat of paint.